Writer Posting

We are seeking to collaborate with a writer on a new original series we will propose to BBC Sounds. The series will feature daring and unique storytelling and 3D sound design concepts. We have some initial story concepts we could work from as a starting point, with the genre possibly being in the region of a bingeworthy mystery/supernatural/psychological thriller/horror (e.g. “Blackout” podcast, “The O.A.”, “The Sinner”, “Lost”, etc.), but still with a hopepunk drama at heart. The story, though, is open as we’re keen for the writer to lead the collaboration in conceptualising and developing the story. The target audience is 18-30. We are seeking to attract new audiences and stun existing ones. We encourage you to read the BBC Sounds brief for Blockbuster Podcast Drama and Dramatic Storytelling as well as the commissioning editor’s article about the brief.


We are seeking a writer:

  • with experience in professional writing for audio drama (e.g. BBC Radio4, BBC Sounds, Audible) or with a strong reputation in the UK (we are aiming for top line talent for this project);
  • with a passion for innovative and daring concepts and an interest in using 3D audio soundscapes.


  • We will begin with development of the themes and a story outline in preparation for submission;
  • If the proposal is successful—it may take up to 90 days for a decision—we will then develop a full script.


Ideally, we will propose our project for the Blockbuster Podcast Drama brief. The deadline is soon (June 28th), so we’re looking to get started asap so please get in touch soon as we will fill the role asap. Otherwise, we could submit for the rolling Dramatic Storytelling brief.

How to apply

To apply, please email outlining your experience and produced works.