Title: The Fairy Tree
Written by: Domien de Groot
Produced and Directed: Michel Lafrance
Featuring: Bill Dick, Joe Cassidy, Niki Kernow, Jesse Lowther, Ben McAuley, Ruth Urquhart, Matthew Dalton, Emilie Allenbrooke, and narrated by Catriona Evans.
Editing and Sound Design: Michel Lafrance
Score: Joseph Stevenson
Length: 1h58
Summary: Own your fate. The Fairy Tree is an interactive and immersive 3D audio fantasy adventure with a multi-ending narrative. Put yourself at the centre of the enchanting, mysterious, and often dangerous world of The Fairy Tree. Own your fate and discover who you truly are.


Personalized versions are no longer available. Personalized versions included the story’s characters addressing the listener by their real name on multiple occasions.