In addition to our developing our own content, we offer full audio production services.

If you would like to find out how we can help make your vision a reality, please get in touch.


We are a mutli-award-winning audio production company specialising in 3D audio storytelling. We have produced best sellers for Audible, chart-topping podcasts, and won awards for both innovation in publishing and immersive audio production. Listen to our work below.

Since 2015, we have been taking audio entertainment into the future alongside virtual and augmented reality. Beyond immersion, we aim to make the listener feel present in the scene and surrounded by the experience.

Our pioneering approach to sound provides a fresh new perspective for listeners, whether they themselves are the protagonist, they experience the story through the protagonist’s ears, or alongside the story’s characters.

Beyond our core team, we have connections with talent agencies in London and Los Angeles, and we collaborate with renown creatives from all over the world who regularly deliver content for BBC and Audible.

We have produced commissioned work for both content and advertising companies and for both big and small business. We provide consultancy for the world’s largest brands, corporations, distributors, and publishers.

We provide full or part service anywhere from project conceptualisation through to final delivery. Writing, recording, and spatial audio design are just some of the services we offer.

We can produce anything from audiobooks to podcasts to advertising. We can augment existing audio content with 3D sound design, produce original works and adaptations, and develop interactive audio experiences.

wear headphones. click play. close eyes.