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Title: 3D Escape Room: Frequency
Written, Produced and Directed: Michel Lafrance
Featuring: Brittany Burke, Erik Moody, Joseph Bearor, and Mike Kimball.
Additional Voices: Carol Mintz, Phil Baker, Max Lukas-Nülle, Kenny Baum, Kevin Quinn, Joe Stofko, Dane Scott, Alicia Condrey, Stephanie Pierce, Chad Frink, Stanton Nichols, and James Holmes.
Casting and Directing of Lead Roles: Fred Greenhalgh
Sound Design and Score: Michel Lafrance
Length: 1h20
Summary: Pressure. Focus. Intellect. Escape Room: Frequency is an interactive 3D audio escape room where you must find and solve all the puzzles within 60 minutes. This full cast audio drama’s audio-based puzzles provide a fresh challenge for even the most seasoned escape room enthusiast. Post your time and challenge your friends to beat it using #EscapeRoomFrequency.

Title: The Fairy Tree
Written by: Domien de Groot
Produced and Directed: Michel Lafrance
Featuring: Bill Dick, Joe Cassidy, Niki Kernow, Jesse Lowther, Ben McAuley, Ruth Urquhart, Matthew Dalton, Emilie Allenbrooke, and narrated by Catriona Evans.
Editing and Sound Design: Michel Lafrance
Score: Joseph Stevenson
Length: 1h58
Summary: Own your fate. The Fairy Tree is an interactive and immersive 3D audio fantasy adventure with a multi-ending narrative. Put yourself at the centre of the enchanting, mysterious, and often dangerous world of The Fairy Tree. Own your fate and discover who you truly are.


Title: My Game’s Been Hacked!
Featuring: Abeer Kahn and a full cast.
Sound Design: Michel Lafrance
Length: 1h56
Summary: Interactive. Game. Challenge. Barry wants to be the best video game designer at school, but his nemesis keeps messing with his game! Help Barry fix his game by listening for what has been changed. Each episode, uncover the three differences to save Barry’s game!
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Title: Savvy and WonderHair
Featuring: Christopher Maywood and a full cast.
Sound Design and Music: Michel Lafrance
Length: 2h52
Summary: Exploration. Friendship. Fun. Savvy and WonderHair is a series all about fun and learning in 3D! The listener gets to be Detective Savvy, the story’s central character, and experiences everything in amazing 3D audio! Together with the silly Detective WonderHair, they go on crazy adventures and learn about various topics such as robotics, music, and astronomy!


Title: Short Stories Collection
Length: 1h31
Summary: This bundle contains all the original productions from Owl Field’s launch. Includes:
•Terminal, •The Jungle, •Infiltrator, •Bully, •Overnight, •Savvy and WonderHair (episode 1)


Title: Terminal
Featuring: Laura Welsh, Skyler Yuda, Emilie Allenbrooke, Christopher Maywood, Timothy Banfield, David Lautman, Ryan Vollmer, Jenna Green, Ryan Lewis.
Sound Design and Score: Michel Lafrance
Length: 0h39
Summary: Suspicion. Suspense. Mystery. An officer investigates a horrific mass murder and a troubled family is suspected. Follow the events as one of these family members in a 3-part series, each from the perspective of a different member. Can you uncover the killer?
Title: The Jungle
Featuring: Emilie Allenbrooke.
Sound Design and Score: Michel Lafrance
Length: 0h8
Summary: Lost. Fear. Survival. You’ve been hopelessly lost in the deep jungle for 4 long days. Supplies are running out and you’re not the only one who’s hungry….Weak and delirious, can you survive the night full of unknown terrors?
Title: Infiltrator
Featuring: Ryan Vollmer, Ahmet Ziya Sekendiz, Eray Erdogan.
Sound Design and Score: Michel Lafrance
Length: 0h11
Summary: Tension. Stealth. Action. You are an intelligence agent on a solo mission to infiltrate enemy headquarters. The objectives are to evade detection and gather the intel. Time is short and the stakes are high. Can you fulfill your mission and avoid capture…..or worse?
Title: Bully
Featuring: Christopher Maywood, Emilie Allenbrooke.
Sound Design and Score: Michel Lafrance
Length: 0h9
Summary: Torment. Horror. Choice. In this psychological thriller, you are at the mercy of a tormentor and forced to make an impossible choice. The pressure is intense and lives are in your hands. Can you find the strength to choose knowing they face a gruesome end?
Title: Overnight
Featuring: Emilie Allenbooke.
Sound Design and Score: Michel Lafrance
Length: 0h8
Summary: Anxiety. Fear. Horror. You are a contractor hired to uncover the source of unusual noises in an ancient house. You’re prepared for the bangs and crashes, but not for the whispers of the night…..Will you survive alone in the dark?