Summary: Anxiety. Fear. Horror. You are a contractor hired to uncover the source of unusual noises in an ancient house. You’re prepared for the bangs and crashes, but not for the whispers of the night…..Will you survive alone in the dark?
Recommended: 13+

Featuring: Emilie Allenbooke.
Sound Design and Score: Michel Lafrance
Length: 8m03
Release Date: 31 July 2015


This production is a binaural audio drama and so to experience the 3D surround sound effect, you must wear headphones. It’s best to close your eyes and listen in a quiet environment.

We like to use a large dynamic range in our recordings to create a realistic representation of the real world. However, the loud moments can be sudden and unpredictable, so we therefore play you a volume test that is a similar volume to the loudest moment in our production.

The volume test helps you set your listening volume to a) ensure you do not need to adjust your volume during playback, and b) to help protect your hearing.

Simply set your listening volume during the volume test so that it is not uncomfortably loud. Afterward, for your safety, it is advised that you avoid raising the volume during playback.


So now that you’re all caught up on how it all works, why not give it a try with this FREE production. You can listen to it right here, right now. Enjoy!