29 May: Trailer for New Savvy and WonderHair episodes

Five new episodes of ‘Savvy and WonderHair’ will soon be released! These audio stories are as close to virtual reality audiobooks can get as we place the young listeners in the story as the central character! So not only is it in binaural 3D audio, surrounding the listener with characters and sound effects, but the children are IN THE STORY!

The ‘Savvy and WonderHair’ series is fun and educational for kids. Being in the story, particularly in 3D audio, keeps the kids engaged and learning, and the children are even encouraged to participate in various ways. These 5 new episodes cover topics like biology, robotics, insects, music, and astronomy.

24 Feb: The Returns of Futurebook

In December, our managing director, Michel Lafrance, was invited to be a panelist at the FutureBook Conference Audiobook Revolution stream to discuss The Owl Field and the potential future innovations in audiobooks and audio drama.

07 Oct: The Fairy Tree Released!

We’re absolutely thrilled that The Fairy Tree is now completed and released!

The 2-hour audio drama features and interactive choose-your-path narrative with multiple endings, a brilliant cast, an exclusive musical score, and is produced in immersive 3D audio with the listener as the story’s central character!