Amazing! Our managing director, Michel Lafrance, has just been honoured with a place on the FutureBook40 – a list of top innovators and creatives within the UK book and audiobook industry!

Shall we have a comment from the man himself…

“It’s been an amazing and absorbing past twelve months promoting my vision for spatial audio’s role in the industry. It is truly inspiring encountering those who share your enthusiasm and I’m beyond thrilled to have been included on such a stunning list of innovators pushing their own visions!”

About the inaugural FutureBook40: “What the FutureBook40 can do is provide a representative selection of the innovative work going on around books. On the inaugural list, you’ll find a mix of disruptors working from within the establishment, entrepreneurs rapidly proving their worth, and hungry new talents just starting to elbow their way in. You’ll find publishers, agents, writers, booksellers, academics, events organisers, designers, illustrators, consultants and a good few hybrids. You’ll discover people innovating across every area of the industry—in a way that is focused on solving real problems, rather than simply getting buzzwords in the press.”

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