Can I hire Owl Field?
Yes! In fact, we have produced far more content on commission than original content! We are a full service audio production company specialising in 3D audio. Please contact us with details on your project to enquire about working with us.

Can you produce 3D sound, 5D sound, and 8D sound?
Of course. Especially given that these are, in fact, all the same exact thing! 8D might sound fancier than 3D, but it’s just a little marketing magic. We consistently use the most cutting edge production tools and techniques and we can assure you there remains only three dimensions.

Can I submit my script or acting reel?
We would prefer not to receive unsolicited submissions, so please do not send content if we haven’t asked for it. We do like meeting new inventive writers, however, so feel free to introduce yourselves and link to your profile on your agency’s site.


Do I need to wear headphones?
Our content is designed for headphones so they are strongly recommended to best experience the 3D effect. Higher quality headphones will of course produce a more immersive experience as the soundscape will sound more realistic, but just as important is your listening environment. For best results, listen in a quiet environment or use noise cancelling headphones.

What file formats do you offer?
High quality 320kbps Mp3.

What payment methods do you accept?
We currently offer both Stripe and PayPal, your choice! Both are securely handled and no financial details are shared with us.

Will I be charged VAT?
EU VAT regulation means that purchases made in EU countries will be subject to VAT.

What is the return policy?
As per our Terms and Conditions, you may cancel your order within 14 days of purchase if you have not yet begun your download. Once you have begun downloading the product, refunds will not be offered due to the nature of the product.

Where can I get help with my download?
Have a look at Download Help.


How can I report an issue with the website?
Thanks for the help! Please use the contact form.

Can I read your terms and conditions and privacy policy?
How better to spend a Saturday? Terms and Condition. Privacy Policy.