24 Feb: The Returns of Futurebook

In December, our managing director, Michel Lafrance, was invited to be a panelist at the FutureBook Conference Audiobook Revolution stream to discuss Owl Field and the potential future innovations in audiobooks and audio drama.


07 Oct: The Fairy Tree Released!

We’re absolutely thrilled that The Fairy Tree is now completed and released!

The 2-hour audio drama features and interactive choose-your-path narrative with multiple endings, a brilliant cast, an exclusive musical score, and is produced in immersive 3D audio with the listener as the story’s central character!


12 Jul: New Project Funded by Creative Scotland!

The past 12 months have been an absolute whirlwind for us at Owl Field, and the adventure continues with our announcement that we’ve been awarded funding by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland to produce our most ambitious production yet!


12 May: 100,000!

‘Overnight’ has just passed 100,000 views on YouTube! So, so thankful for all the thousands of shares the video has received from our fans!


16 Oct: Shortlisted for Futurebook BookTech Company of the Year!

We’re absolutely honoured to be shortlisted for the FutureBook BookTech Company of the Year!

The FutureBook Conference is the largest digital publishing conference in Europe so it is a tremendous opportunity to showcase our work to the publishing industry. Along with our other wonderful shortlistees, we will be presenting our work as part of the BookTech showcase in London on the 4th of December.


17 Aug: Overnight – Free 3D Audio Production

Summary: Anxiety. Fear. Horror. You are a contractor hired to uncover the source of unusual noises in an ancient house. You’re prepared for the bangs and crashes, but not for the whispers of the night…..Will you survive alone in the dark?


17 Aug: Launch

We’re extremely proud to announce the launch of our website! 3D audio drama with YOU as the central character!