Owl Field is a multi-award-winning full service audio production company specializing in 3D audio storytelling.

Find out how we can bring your vision to life.

wear headphones. click play. close eyes.


Owl Field produces 3D audio stories that place the listener at the centre of the story in an immersive 3D sound experience. The story’s events, characters, sound effects, and music will surround you as the story unfolds. Beyond immersion, we make the listener feel present inside the story.

Our content features fresh new perspectives in sound. Either in a first- or third-person point of view, the listener could be the story’s central character, or hear the story directly through the protagonist’s ears. Unlike narrated audiobooks, our binaural audio stories come to life around you. Our stories are as close to virtual reality audiobooks can get!

From the writing, to the custom sound effects, to the cinematic score, every aspect is created exclusively for our productions, combining for a truly immersive binaural audio experience.